Evening. If you have any inquiries regarding my business, please contact my people, perhaps my secretary Lyn, who will be more than willing to help you. If this is a personal call, then I am delighted to take the time to speak with you - work be damned!
- Eirnin Doherty
Eirnin Doherty
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[pm] I will definitely do that. I think you and she would get along fantastically. Maybe she could come have dinner with us one night or something?

[pm] Yes, that’s perfect. I would love to meet her in person. 

c estela


[pm] Khloe’s just a friend of mine. I thought that I’d mentioned her but maybe that was to someone else. She works at this publishing company. She’s pretty great. Do you remember that chicken parmesan that we had in the refrigerator? Khloe made that.

[pm] Oh, I love Khloe. That was absolutely delicious. I should thank her, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy after a meal in ages. Why don’t you invite her over sometime?

c estela


[pm] Heading a criminal organization is also an unnecessary risk but that doesn’t seem to stop you. See? There are lots of unnecessary risks in the world. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the risk to do something good and you do plenty of good things. I just want to do something small and good… Okay?

[pm] Okay. May I go with you? I might as well give blood too. It’s not as though I’m scared of needles.

c estela lies he is they make him nervous


[pm] I haven’t had any choice but to consider it and I’d like to remind you that while my blood may or may not be discovered to be interesting that doesn’t mean my DNA has a list of the names of every Slayer in the world encoded into it. At most, these are normal, average scientists looking into it. They aren’t warlocks or witches or demons. Just scientists. Human scientists living in a world where magic and the mystical don’t exist and people who claim otherwise are called unstable or delusional.

[pm] In this moment I care little for your other slayers. What I do care about is you. If your blood were to be discovered as different in some way that would put you at risk and I…the thought of you in danger scares me. 

I can’t tell you what to do, but I want you to be safe and I see this as an unnecessary risk. But it is, in the end, your choice and I will support you no matter what.

c estela
[pm] I’m hardly against the idea of free will, but if a mistake might put our entire organization in jeapordy, as well as the other slayers, I’m afraid I need to speak out. What happens to the X-Men when the world finds out about mutants?

[pm] I see the issue. I will speak with her immediately.

c wesley damn wes ace reference there
[pm] I'm concerned about Estela. She insists on donating blood. It may be dangerous for her, slayer blood, falling under the wrong microscope. They analyse these things very closely. I'm afraid she finds my advice as useful as a chocolate fireguard. What's your take on the matter?

[pm] I’m not one to tell her what to do. She is free to make her mistakes and triumphs out of her own free will and I will support her through and through. But if you say Estela would be put in danger… What could happen to her? Wesley, mate, I can’t let anything happen to her.

estela in danger? eirnin worried :( wesley you smart bastard watcheresque
[pm] I'm going to be out with Liam tonight. Patrolling and training, you know, but is there anything I can bring home for you in the morning when I'm done?

[pm] Estela, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to this message sooner. I have been so busy and got home so late. My sincerest apologies, I didn’t mean to ignore you. Please forgive me.



[pm] Don’t worry. We’ll be sure to remedy the situation soon. How’s my handsome client? Up to no good, I hope.

[pm] I had a man killed in Prague today. Horrible fool. Kidnapped a young girl and the police were utterly useless. I’m feeling quite philanthropic.

c lilah


[pm] Thanks. Looking forward to actually leaving the place for the first time in a week, I’ll say that much. 

[pm] I can’t imagine how that must feel. I imagine it’s for your own good in some way. Now, I must ask, is this all being kept a secret? Your lack of a soul, that is.